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We will begin accepting applications May 1. Early submissions may not be considered. All required materials must be uploaded and submitted with the online application by July 31.


Grant Application

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Organization Head

Please provide the proper name and title of the person of authority who should receive formal correspondence regarding the grant, including grand award letters and checks.

Contact Information

Please provide the name and email address of the primary contact person for the grant application. This is the person we will contact for additional information or to arrange a site visit.

Current Year Operating Budget

Prior Year Actual Operating Results

Numbers Served

Please provide a 3-year history of grants received from this Foundation.

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Required Supporting Materials

Your request cannot be considered without providing the following supporting information to the Foundation. All supporting materials are due July 31. If July 31 falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date is extended to the next business day. Application materials that are mailed and postmarked on or before July 31 are considered on time.

Supporting Materials Required

  1. A narrative summary of your grant request (three pages maximum):
    Give a brief history and description of your organization, including a mission statement if applicable. Help us understand the size of your organization, numbers served, and types of ministries or programs you offer.

    1. Describe the program or project for which you seek funding. We suggest addressing: the need addressed by the grant request; persons served by the program or item applied for; how your program or project fulfills the mission of the Gaston Episcopal Hospital Foundation; for start-up or first-year programs, plans for funding and sustaining the operation.
    2. Please address timing for the project. We strongly prefer that grant funds be employed within twelve months of funding.
  2. Program budget related to the grant request or Operating budget if you are applying for operating support.
  3. Financial Statements for your most recent fiscal year – audited preferred
  4. IRS Determination Letter
  5. Final Report for 2016 Grant, if applicable

Required Documents Uploaded

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